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Send us your precious memories
It's about preserving the moment. Send us your Tapes, Films, Audio, Slides or Pictures. We'll handle your memories with care.
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Memories can last forever...
We’ve been providing professional video transfer services since 1984, so you and your family can trust our family to take excellent care of your irreplaceable videos and films.
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you can Trust us with your memories

Fill a box with your memories and just drop them off at our production facility. If you’re out of town just ship them to us, we’ll send an email letting you know we received them. It usually takes 2 to 4 weeks once we receive your memories to process your order. After we’ve transferred your memories to CD, DVD, Thumb Drive or the Cloud for download, we’ll notify you by email. You can drop by and pick them up or we’ll ship them to you.

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Dan Black Studios
Dan Black Studios
Dan Black Studios

Preserving family memories for over 30 years

Our specially trained technicians take the utmost care of your videos, films and photos while processing them.

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