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Best practices to follow when bringing in your memories

Dan Black

Dan Black

Dan Black Stuidios, Inc.

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Our repeat customers have proven to be a wonderful source of the proper way to bring in bulk tapes, films, cassettes, slides or pictures

I have observed over the years people bring in their memories for transfer to new media for a number of reasons.  We all want to permanently record funny moments with our children, special vacations, Dad’s home movies, weddings, births, graduations, new beginnings, baptisms, well the list goes on and on. Preparing them for transfer is just as important.  Below are some tips:

  • Separate Media: Organize your Video Tapes, Films, Audio Cassettes, Pictures or Slides.  Count how many of each you have.  This will give you peace of mind knowing we have returned the exact number of originals back to you when picking up your memories.
  • Video Tapes & Films: Often we have customers that bring in a Video Tape or Film and say, “I don’t know whats on it”.  Know what is on your video tapes and films if possible. Label them. How long in minutes and hours is on your Video Tape?  How many feet of film is on your reel?
  • Pictures & Slides: These can get tricky because of the amount brought in.  If you have the time organize them by year, person, location, graduation, wedding, you get the picture (ha)  By organizing them we can create file folders on your cd and place the pictures in the proper order making it easier for viewing later.

Just some ideas to better assist you when preserving your memories.  Come see us!

"Let our family preserve your family's precious memories..."

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